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RPA robots in sales, marketing and e-commerce

By automating monotonous activities we support your business in achieving better results.


We implement modern software robots that automate work on computers using Robotic Process Automation and transform conventional work methods in the sales, marketing and e-commerce sectors. Our innovative automation systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of your company.


RPA technology is used to automate tasks in sales, marketing and e-commerce that usually consume a lot of time, such as customer management, market segmentation, or order processing. This process begins with identifying and mapping business processes in those areas that are most suitable for automation. Then, RPA robots are created and configured, which can perform these tasks effectively and precisely, replacing manual processes performed by employees.


​By introducing robotization in your organization, you not only save time and reduce the number of errors, but also achieve significant financial benefits. Our RPA robots operate continuously, around the clock, which significantly improves work efficiency and speeds up the execution of tasks. Automating monotonous activities allows employees to focus on tasks of greater value and strategic importance, which translates into greater job satisfaction and professional development. As a result, your company not only makes better use of data and optimizes operating costs, but also increases its efficiency, accuracy and market competitiveness.


  • Customer Segmentation: Automatically classifying customers into appropriate segments based on demographic data, purchasing behaviors, and preferences.

  • Automatic email campaigns: Setting up, monitoring, and analyzing the results of email marketing campaigns.

  • Sales funnel management: Automatically tracking and updating the status of potential customers in the sales process.

  • Advertising effectiveness analysis: Automatically collecting and analyzing data from various advertising platforms.

  • E-commerce content management: Automatically updating product descriptions, prices, and availability on store pages.

  • Competitor monitoring: Automatically collecting information about competitor activities in the areas of promotions, prices, and new products.

  • Price optimization: Automatically adjusting prices in an online store based on demand and competition analysis.

  • Customer feedback management: Automatically collecting, analyzing, and responding to customer reviews from different e-commerce platforms.

  • Automatic reporting and analysis: Generating reports on campaign effectiveness, sales, and e-commerce results.

  • Loyalty program management: Automatically assigning loyalty points and generating offers for customers.

  • Social media strategy optimization: Automatically planning and publishing posts and analyzing the effectiveness of actions on social media.

  • Automatic e-commerce chat support: Using chatbots to answer customer questions on the e-commerce website.

  • Promotion management: Automatically implementing and monitoring promotions and discounts in the online store.

  • Shopping cart analysis: Automatically analyzing customer purchases to understand preferences and optimize the offer.

  • Sales forecasting: Automatically analyzing historical data to forecast future sales trends.

Do you want to automate another process?

The activities listed above are only examples of applications of RPA technology. There are many other processes within a company that can also be automated, depending on specific business needs and goals. Our team will help you identify the processes that are best suited for automation in your company. We will focus on understanding the specifics of your business and the challenges you face in order to propose the most effective RPA solutions. 


Are you thinking about improving the efficiency of your company? Describe to us the nature of your business, key operations and expectations. We will help you implement appropriate mechanisms.

During a casual conversation, we will show you how you can use automation to improve the comfort of your team's work and achieve better results.

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