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Software development 

In today's digital world, personalized IT systems play a key role in running a modern business. They allow you to optimize processes, streamline communication and deliver a valuable experience for customers and employees. 

At Automa Services, we understand the importance of tailoring technology to each company's individual needs.

Why it is worth implementing an IT project with Automa Services?

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We have a team of qualified specialists with many years of experience in developing and implementing a variety of IT systems.

Holistic approach 

We offer comprehensive support at every stage of a project - from analysis and consultation, to design and implementation, to post-implementation support.


We create customized solutions for your business, taking into account your unique requirements and needs.

Our process for developing IT systems:

1. Analysis and consultation: We start by understanding your needs and requirements to propose optimal solutions.

2. Design and prototyping: We create visual representations of the system, taking into account UX/UI best practices.

3. Development and Implementation: Our development team works to create the system according to the agreed specifications.

4. Testing: We make sure the system works flawlessly by conducting extensive testing.

5. Implementation and support: We help fully implement the system and provide support as needed after the system goes live.

How technology can strengthen your market position?

We believe that well-designed and executed IT systems are the foundation of success in today's business world. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with such a project.

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