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Implementation of Robotic Process Automation at InStream Group Company

Industry: Marketing / E-Marketing / Lead Generation

Process: Automating the generation of databases of commercial companies and marketing contacts

Robot efficiency: 100%



InStream Group is a rapidly growing team specializing in B2B sales and customer acquisition services.

They successfully support over 1,000 clients in building effective sales campaigns across more than 50 global markets.


InStream Group assists clients in acquiring new business contacts and optimizing sales processes. They have a modern sales management system that enables monitoring and analyzing sales communication.


In response to the growing demand for specialized databases, which are key to effective customer acquisition in the e-marketing industry, the e-marketing company recognizes the need to develop an advanced solution. This solution would automatically gather publicly available information on commercial law companies, their management, and business profiles from the Internet. The goal is to optimize the process of generating contact databases and increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts.


In response to the needs of InStream Group, Automa Services has proposed the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to automate the process of acquiring and processing information. Our solution focuses on three key areas of operation:

1. Gathering Company Information:

  • In the initial stage, our solution automatically accesses public databases available on the internet. These platforms offer a rich source of information about companies. To optimize the search process, we propose the use of advanced filters that should be configured by a business process expert. This ensures that the acquired data is most relevant to the client's needs.

  • Our robot is programmed to handle maximum page pagination, allowing for the efficient processing of large amounts of data. After compiling a list of companies, the robot then proceeds to gather detailed information about each company, such as tax identification numbers (NIP), company registration numbers (KRS), and more.

2. Iterative Collection of Management Team Data:

  • Our solution automatically accesses the profiles of each company from the previously prepared list.

  • The data is stored in a manner agreed upon with the client, allowing for efficient utilization in InStream Group's operational activities.


3. Acquisition of Contact Information and Email Address Generation:

  • The robot analyzes company profiles to extract contact information, especially email address templates, which are crucial for effective lead generation efforts. This ensures that the contact database is up-to-date and accurate.

  • The database undergoes validation for correctness and serves as the starting point for InStream Group's core operational activities.

By leveraging advanced RPA technology, our solution ensures efficient and accurate automation of the data acquisition and processing process, eliminating the need for manual information gathering. Ultimately, the client receives a precise and up-to-date contact database, which is key to effective marketing efforts.


Thanks to the implementation of RPA, the database generation process has been significantly optimized for the e-marketing company. They have gained:

1. Drastically Reduced Database Generation Time: RPA has considerably shortened the time it takes to generate databases.

2. Higher Accuracy and Data Quality: The company now enjoys improved accuracy and higher-quality contact data.

3. Scalability and Adaptability: RPA provides the flexibility to scale operations and adapt to changing market needs.

4. Reduced Human Errors and Increased Marketing Efficiency: The automation has led to a reduction in human mistakes and increased efficiency in marketing activities.

you stand and look at the company's goals
  • The robot processes orders continuously, even during the night hours, which significantly speeds up order processing

  • Reduce processing time by 70% compared to manual entry.

  • Processing efficiency at 100%, which means that the robot left nothing for manual entry.


implementation stage_spinner.png
01process analysis.png

To thoroughly examine and understand the current manual activities in database generation.

Checking the interaction with various systems and determining the output specification of the database.

Estimating the costs and benefits of implementing the solution.

Consider factors such as time savings, increased data accuracy and ROI.

Development of a robot with the ability to iteratively retrieve and analyze data from publicly available databases and other sources, as well as interact with IT systems used in the process. The robot will also be responsible for generating email addresses and validating their deliverability.

Conducting tests in various environments, verifying data accuracy, and checking the effectiveness of the robot's operation. Ensuring that the robot correctly processes information and generates the expected results.


After successful testing, launching the robot in a production environment. Support provided by our team for any necessary adjustments, updates, and optimization of the robot's operation.

This implementation is an excellent example of the use of Robotic Process Automation in the area of database construction and analysis based on publicly available data from the Internet. The automation was realized in a way that allows further development of the software robot, connection of additional data sources and full parameterization and configuration of the process.

Wojciech Cebula picture CO-Founder InStream

"The robot created by Automa Services allowed us to save hundreds of hours of tedious work, enabling us to focus on more critical processes in the company.

The implementation went according to plan, and in the event of any issues, the Automa Services team responded quickly and effectively. This was our first RPA project in the company, and we had no prior experience in this aspect, yet we managed to create the solution we needed."

Wojciech Cebula

Operations Director & CO-Founder

InStream Group

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