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Implementation of Robotic Process Automation at Delmet

Industry: e-commerce, sales

Process: booking of invoices   

Robot efficiency (percentage of automatically processed cases):approx. 90% (the rest is transferred to manual operation by the robot)


Delmet specializes in offering a wide range of products from categories such as fittings, tools, power tools, accessories and fixtures. These products, from renowned manufacturers, meet the latest quality standards, which makes them an excellent choice for modern homes and professionals looking for reliable accessories for their workshops. Delmet focuses on attractive promotions, enabling customers to purchase high-quality products at lower prices, which makes finishing the apartment or other spaces much cheaper.


In the process of purchasing goods from suppliers, Delmet encountered a critical stage which included receiving and posting invoices for the ordered goods. Without proper accounting of invoices, the goods could not be accepted into the warehouse, which consequently blocked the possibility of selling them. Manually entering invoices into the financial and accounting system was time-consuming, monotonous and prone to human errors, which did not contribute to added value for the organization.


We received a request from Delmet to create an RPA robot that automates the invoice accounting process.

This robot has been programmed to sequentially perform process activities:

  • waiting for the invoice to be received by e-mail

  • downloading the invoice when the email appears

  • data extraction from invoice document

  • logging into the financial and accounting system

  • entering the invoice into the system in accordance with the established business processing logic

  • reporting the work performed.

The goal was to relieve Delmet employees of this repetitive and monotonous work, which in turn allowed them to focus on other, key aspects of Delmet's operational activities.


Automation of the invoice accounting process using an RPA robot significantly increased the efficiency and precision of this process at Delmet. Not only the robot eliminates human mistakes related to manual data entry, but also speeds up the accounting process, enabling faster receipt of goods into the warehouse and their sale. 


Delmet is very pleased with the implementation because employees are now much less burdened with manual operations, which translates into increased job satisfaction and improved overall operational efficiency of the company. 

Thanks to this project, Delmet can now manage its purchasing process and human resources more effectively, which is a significant step towards full digitization of its financial and accounting operations.

  • The robot works continuously, even during the night hours, which significantly speeds up processes in the company.

  • Dismissal of employees from monotonous, repetitive work

  • Processing efficiency of 80%, which means that the robot left 20% for manual entry


01process analysis.png

We started by thoroughly understanding Delmet's invoice accounting process, analyzing existing procedures and identifying areas that could be automated. Collaboration with the accounting team was crucial to drill down into the nuances of the process and understand what data was necessary to properly record invoices.

After the analysis, we presented Delmet with a project quote, taking into account the time, resources and technologies necessary to build the RPA robot. This valuation included both the initial costs and the long-term benefits of automating the invoice accounting process. Thanks to extensive experience in estimating workload, the project implementation was within the assumed budget.

With a planned budget, we started building the robot. Programming the robot included ensuring that it could correctly interpret invoice data, log into the financial and accounting system and enter appropriate data into the appropriate fields, as well as generate reports after the process was completed.

Before launching the robot in a production environment, we conducted a series of tests to ensure that the robot worked as intended and did not cause any problems in the accounting system. The tests included edge case scenarios to minimize the risk of errors after implementation.


After successfully completing the tests, the robot was launched in the production environment. We provided constant technical support to monitor the robot's operation and quickly respond to any problems. Additionally, we offered training for Delmet employees so that they could use the new system effectively and know what to do if they encounter problems. Thanks to this, the invoice accounting process became much less labor-intensive and more effective, which met Delmet's expectations in terms of the automation project.

A key area has been identified at Delmet wheremanual posting of invoices was both a process bottleneck and a source of monotony for employees.In the era of digitalization, when it is possible to automate many business processes, Delmet decided to invest in RPA technology to automate this fundamental process. Thanks to cooperation with our company, Automa Services, we managed to create a robot that now automatically processes invoices, extracts the necessary data and posts them in the financial and accounting system,thus freeing employees from this repetitive work. As a result, the accounting process has become much more efficient, which speeds up the process of receiving goods into the warehouse and enables their faster sale.


This implementation not only significantly reduced the monotonous workload of employees, but also contributed to improving overall operational efficiency, which is an important step towards the full digitization of financial and accounting operations at Delmet.

"We decided to implement robots (Robotic Process Automation) to automate the invoice registration process. The robots were programmed to scan, identify and enter invoice data into our sales system, eliminating the need for manual processing.

The introduction of RPA robotization into the invoice registration process turned out to be groundbreaking for our company. We increased the efficiency and precision of the process, which contributed to better organization of the supply chain, greater employee satisfaction and overall improvement in the company's operational efficiency.

This project was a key step in our pursuit of full digitization of financial and accounting operations.

Piotr Sentfleben - President of the Management Board of the company Delmet

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