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RPA robots in administration and back-office

RPA allows you to effectively automate repetitive tasks, which translates into increased productivity and quality while reducing costs.


We specialize in modernizing classic work practices in the area of ​​administration and back office, using advanced Robotic Process Automation solutions. We implement specially programmed software robots that automate various office tasks, adapting them to the individual requirements and expectations of your business. Our automation systems are custom-built, allowing you to streamline your company's administrative processes and increase its overall operational efficiency.


RPA used in the administration and back-office departments is used to effectively manage tasks that usually require a lot of time, such as employee data management, recruitment processes, or payroll management. At the beginning of this process, important HR processes that are most suitable for automation are identified and mapped. Then, we create dedicated RPA robots that are able to perform these tasks efficiently and precisely, replacing manual work performed by employees of the administration and back-office departments. This allows you to focus on more strategic and engaging tasks while automating repetitive and routine processes.


The introduction of robotization in your organization not only saves time and reduces errors, but also brings significant financial benefits. Our RPA robots work continuously, 24 hours a day, which significantly improves efficiency and speeds up task completion. Automating monotonous tasks allows employees to focus on activities of greater strategic importance and value, which promotes their professional satisfaction and career development. The result of these activities is not only more effective use of data and optimization of operating costs, but also an increase in the company's productivity, accuracy and competitive position on the market.


  • Document Management: Automatically scan, sort and archive documents in appropriate folders or systems.

  • Invoice Processing: Automatic scanning, verification and entry of invoice data into accounting systems.

  • Registration and updating of customer data: Automatic entry of new customer data and updating of existing ones in databases.​

  • Order Management: Automatic order processing, from customer placement to fulfillment and shipping.

  • Ticket submissions and handling: Automatic receipt, categorization and redirection of tickets to appropriate departments.​

  • Reporting and analysis: Automatically generate reports based on collected data and perform simple analyses.

  • Contract management: Automatically monitor contract expiration dates and generate notifications about upcoming deadlines.​

  • Asset registration and management: Automatically track company assets, such as hardware and software, and assign them to the appropriate organizational units.

  • Data quality control: Automatic detection and correction of errors in entered data.​

  • Correspondence management: Automatic sorting, scanning and redirection of incoming and outgoing correspondence.

  • Payment management: Automatic payment processing, verification of payment details and sending confirmations.​

  • Purchasing process support: Automatic order generation, supplier management and delivery monitoring.

  • Reservation Management: Automatically accept, confirm and manage reservations for various services or resources.

  • Ticket Management: Automatically process, categorize and track tickets from various sources.​

  • Automatic reminders: Generate and send reminders about upcoming deadlines, important dates or meetings.

Do you want to automate another process?

The applications of RPA technology described above are only an example of the range of possibilities for automating various business processes. Depending on your company's unique requirements and goals, there are many other areas that can benefit from automation. Our team of experts will analyze and identify those processes in your company that are best suited for RPA implementation. We will focus on understanding the specific nature of your business and the challenges it faces in order to offer the most effective and tailored automation solutions. 


Are you thinking about improving the efficiency of your company? Describe to us the nature of your business, key operations and expectations. We will help you implement appropriate mechanisms.

During a casual conversation, we will show you how you can use automation to improve the comfort of your team's work and achieve better results.

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