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RPA robots in HR

RPA transforms monotonous, time-consuming tasks into efficient operations, allowing teams to focus on more strategic and valuable initiatives.


Our company specializes in transforming traditional work methods in the human resources management sector, using modern RPA technologies. We implement software robots that automate tasks performed on computers, adapting them to the specific requirements and needs of your business. Our automation systems are custom-designed, which allows you to optimize processes in your company and ensure operational efficiency.


​RPA technology is used in the human resources department to streamline time-consuming tasks such as employee documentation management, recruitment, and payroll processing. The initial stage of this process involves identifying and mapping key HR procedures that are best suited for automation. After this, specialized RPA robots are constructed that are able to perform these tasks efficiently and accurately, replacing manual procedures performed by HR employees. This allows the human resources department to focus on more strategic and engaging aspects of work, while routine and repetitive tasks are automated.


Implementing robotization in your company brings not only time savings and error reduction, but also significant economic benefits. Our RPA robots operate continuously, 24 hours a day, which significantly improves processes and speeds up the execution of tasks. Automating routine work allows employees to focus on more strategic and valuable tasks, which translates into greater job satisfaction and career development. The effect of these activities is not only better use of data and optimization of operating costs, but also an increase in the company's efficiency, precision and competitiveness on the market.


  • Recruitment: Automatically search CV databases, scan candidate documents for key words and sort candidates.

  • Onboarding of new employees: Automation of the new employee onboarding process, including creating accounts, providing resources and training.

  • Employee data management: Automatic updating of employee data in the HR system.

  • Settlement of working time: Automatic collection and processing of time cards, calculation of overtime and keeping records of leaves.

  • Payroll Payment: Automatic payroll processing, including calculation of salary, deductions and contributions.

  • Training management: Automatically register employees for training, monitor their progress and collect feedback after the course.

  • Performance Assessments: Automatically collect information on employee performance and generate reports for managers.

  • Benefits management: Automatic processing of applications regarding employee benefits, such as health insurance, sports packages or retirement plans.

  • HR Requests: Automatically process and respond to routine employee inquiries regarding company policies, benefits and other issues.

  • Management of annual appraisal interviews: Automation of the process of planning, conducting and archiving annual interviews with employees.

  • Employee Turnover Management: Automatically monitor employee turnover rates and generate alerts for HR in case of potential problems.

  • Conducting employee surveys: Automatic creation, distribution and analysis of surveys among employees.

  • Recruitment process management: Automatic tracking of recruitment stages and communication with candidates.

  • Resource management and employee allocation: Automatically schedule and assign employees to projects based on their skills and availability.

  • Automatic HR reporting: Generate monthly/annual reports on HR indicators such as employee turnover, satisfaction rate and employment costs.

Do you want to automate another process?


The applications of RPA technology described above are only an example of the range of possibilities for automating various business processes. Depending on your company's unique requirements and goals, there are many other areas that can benefit from automation. Our team of experts will analyze and identify those processes in your company that are best suited for RPA implementation. 


Are you thinking about improving the efficiency of your company? Describe to us the nature of your business, key operations and expectations. We will help you implement appropriate mechanisms.

During a casual conversation, we will show you how you can use automation to improve the comfort of your team's work and achieve better results.

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