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Implementation of Robotic Process Automation at Delmet

Industry: e-commerce, sales

Process: Process merchandise orders 

Robot efficiency (percentage of orders reprocessed): 100% 

(the robot leaves nothing for manual operation)


Delmet specializes in offering a wide range of products from categories such as fittings, tools, power tools, accessories and fixtures. These products, from renowned manufacturers, meet the latest quality standards, which makes them an excellent choice for modern homes and professionals looking for reliable accessories for their workshops. Delmet focuses on attractive promotions, enabling customers to purchase high-quality products at lower prices, which makes finishing the apartment or other spaces much cheaper.


Delmet, operating as a distributor of various products such as hardware and tools, had to order goods from its suppliers' websites so that it could then offer them to its customers. Previously, the process of ordering goods was carried out by a three-person team that manually carried out all orders on suppliers' websites. This method was time-consuming and prone to human mistakes, leading to delays in order processing and increased waiting times for Delmet's customers.


In response to the needs of our client Delmet, Automa Services proposed to develop a software robot (software robot) of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to automate the process.

Our solution focuses on three key business areas.


The solution was to create a robot that would: 


  • retrieve orders from Delmet's internal systems 

  • launch websites dedicated to ordering goods from Delmet suppliers 

  • execute the order process (by performing operations on the supplier's website) 

  • automatically download the order number and then generate an order report and send it to the appropriate users in the company. 


In addition, in case of unavailability of goods, the robot did not place the order, which eliminated the risk associated with ordering unavailable products.


The RPA project has been a complete success, bringing significant operational benefits to Delmet. 


The robot has successfully processed orders on the web sites of the company's seven largest suppliers, and its efficiency is 100%. 


Automating the process of ordering goods has made it possible to significantly speed up order processing, minimize errors, and free up human resources, which can now be allocated to other key areas of the company's operations. 


In addition, thanks to this solution, Delmet has gained greater control over the goods ordering process and the ability to better monitor and analyze its operational activities.

  • The robot works continuously, even during the night hours, which significantly speeds up processes in the company.

  • Dismissal of employees from monotonous, repetitive work

  • Processing efficiency of 100%, which means that the robot left nothing for manual entry


01process analysis.png

The first step in implementing the robot was an in-depth analysis of Delmet's goods ordering process.

The project team, consisting of our RPA experts (Automa Services) and company employees (Delmet), carefully analyzed all stages of the process, identifying key areas that could be automated. This analysis also included understanding the business logic behind the process and identifying potential challenges and constraints.

After analyzing the process, we developed a detailed quote for the project. This quote included the cost of building the robot, purchasing the necessary software, and the estimated time needed to complete the project. We presented it to Delmet's management for approval and to obtain the necessary resources.

Once the quote was approved, our RPA Team began building the robot. We worked in close collaboration with Delmet's business team to ensure that the robot would be able to communicate effectively with the company's internal systems and suppliers' online platforms. During this phase, we focused on programming the robot to be able to properly process orders, generate reports, and deal with various scenarios such as out-of-stock.


Once the robot was built, a joint testing phase began to ensure that all the robot's functions worked as expected, and to identify and eliminate any bugs. These tests included both unit tests and integration tests to verify that the robot works properly with Delmet's systems and vendor platforms. The final phase of testing was UAT - User Acceptance Tests.


After successful testing, the robot was put into production environment. Our project team provided technical support to monitor the robot's performance and quickly resolve any problems that might arise. In addition, we held training sessions for Delmet employees to ensure that they were aware of the new process and knew how to use the robot and who to contact in case of problems.

Delmet, a company dealing in the distribution of various products, identified the possibility of automating the process of ordering goods from suppliers, using the potential of online shopping. In the era of digitalization, where almost everything can be ordered online, it was decided to implement the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project to transform this manual process into an automated one, allowing the robot to perform tasks that were previously performed by a three-person team. Through a series of stages, from process analysis to robot launch, it was possible to create a system that now successfully and 100 % efficiently completes online orders from seven main suppliers of Delmet . This project not only significantly accelerated the ordering process, but also freed up human resources, emphasizing that robots are much more effective in performing this type of tasks in the modern, digital world.

"Automa services provided us with an office robotics solution that was fully integrated with our ordering system. The robots took over tasks such as placing orders, monitoring statuses and updating data in the system. Automation of the B2B ordering process significantly improved our efficiency. The robots worked quickly and error-free, even at night, which ensured continuity of work and quick response to changes. This reduced waiting times for customers and increased the overall satisfaction with our logistics processes. The introduction of office robots from Automa services turned out to be a key element in the development of our company , we increased efficiency, reduced errors and freed up valuable time of our employees. This innovative approach allowed us to focus on the strategic development of the company and provide better services to our clients."



​Piotr Senftleben - President of the Management Board at Delmet

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